Club Notices

29 Oct 2018


Boston model aero club A.G.M will be held on the 12th December 2018 at the Brothertoft village hall

2000hrs until 2130hrs

you are asked to be seated by 2010hrs

Tea, Coffee and refreshments will be available 

14 Jul 2018


Its is with great pleasure I can inform that Boston Model Aero Club has been granted Tuesday and Thursday for I.C 

The new times for I.C :

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 8pm (1000hrs-2000hrs)

Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm (1000hrs-1600hrs)

21 Aug 2016

Air Navigation Order's

To All Member's,

An updated revision of the ANO's has been released and comes in to effect on the 25th August 2016.

for more information visit

12 Apr 2016

Club Flyer

Are You Interested

In Having a go at Radio Controlled Flying  

For more information


09 Dec 2015

List for beginners on what to buy and field equipment







Hi Wing Trainer Plane                                                      

4 channel

Black horse: Excell 2000


Phoenix Models: Canary 40

                                Classic 40

 Ripmax: Wot Trainer

Thunder Tiger Models: Ready

                                          Trainer 40

Electric plane BNF E: Flite Apprentice S15e

Many planes can be Internal Combustion or Electric. The planes above will need some sort of building. There are many other planes to many to mention from ARTF to Bind’N’Fly. Only electric models are Ready to fly or BNF where all equipment is in the model. BNF will have a receiver fitted .RTF will have the electronics fitted and come with a receiver and transmitter please check to see if this can be buddy up to Spektrum or Futaba. ARTF will have nothing only the airframe, Fuel tank, Push rods and accessories

ARFT Almost Ready to Fly

BNF Bind’N’Fly

RTF Ready to Fly

(Before building or connecting a battery please read the instruction booklet which comes with the kit)


2 stroke .40-.46 ASP, OS, SC

Thunder Tiger GP42

(or 4 stroke .52 this will depend on model selection and recommendations by manufactory)


Main brands used at the club are Spektrum and Futaba

Spektrum DX6 2.4ghz

Futaba T6J 2.4ghz

(Look for transmitter and receiver package)

Receiver must be a minimum of 4 channel and the same make as the transmitter

Make sure transmitter comes with charger

Receiver Battery

4.8volt battery with a minimum of 1200mah

Team Orion, JR, Logic RC storm, Overlander/ overlander eneloop, Ripmax/ ripmax Hi energy

Receiver battery charger

Fusion NX83 universal charger

Switch harness

Make sure the on/off switch has a charger lead fitted

Servo and leads

4 x servo’s and 1 x servo extension lead           

Futaba s3003

Hi Tec HS311

JR NES 591

Extension lead at least 300mm long

(make sure servo comes with horns, screws, grommets and eyelets)

Some airplanes will use 5 servos’ if this is the case you will need (please check with shop or instruction manual)

5 x servo’s, 3 x extension leads and 1 x Y lead


For most 2 stroke engines .40 size 10 x 6 / 7 APC, Graupner, Master Airscrew

                                                .46 size 11 x 6 / 7

Propellers for electric will depend on the motor size and will state in the manual

(Please make sure you only used the correct propeller for the correct engine as you cannot use an electric propeller on and I.C engine)

(It is recommended that you have a spare propeller)

Glow Plugs

Make sure the plug is for the correct engine i.e. 2 stroke of 4 stroke

OS No 8, Taylor, Enya No3, Model Technics firepower F5 or Qwikfire

(It is recommended that you have a spare glow plug)


2 blade 2 ½ spinner

SLEC, Irvin, Du Bro, Flight line, Radio active

Fuel & Tubing

5% nitro fuel for 2 stroke engines

10% nitro fuel for 4 stroke engines

Model technics Duraglo, Formula Irvine, Optimix

Weston uk fuels liquid gold, viper, pro synth 2000

1/8 or 3 3/2 size are available, At least 1 metre in length

Wing Bands

Some airplanes require wing bands to hold the wings on to the airframe SLEC wing bands are very good come in different sizes please check wing cord for this. A minimum of 6 bands are used for the wing at a time, spare bands are must.

Starting Equipment

Fuel pump (hand or electric) I.C only

Flight box

Engine starter I.C only JP Power torque 11, Thunder tiger deluxe

Glow plug starter I.C only if battery operated make sure comes with charger

Power panel I.C only Jamar Titan LCD, Ripmax Pump, J. Perkins power Pro

Plug spanner I.C only

Model restraint

Chicken stick I.C only (finger guard)

Allen keys 1-6mm

Screw drivers small both types

12v 7ah lead acid battery and charger

Fuel tubing for fuel pump

Banana plugs for power panel

(fuel filling station set)


Motor Brushless

Depending on Plane model and manufactories recommendations

OS, E: Flite, J. Perkins, Overlander, Ripmax, Hacker

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Brushless

This will depend on the motor and the motor recommendations

ESC programme card is advisable

Please try and use the same make as the motor this is not a must

Li-Po Batteries

3s 11,1v


4s 14.8 v E: Flite, J. Perkins EnerG, Kong Power, Overlander, Dualsky

 you will need to have at least 2 batteries

Li-Po Charger

It is recommended to purchase a good charger which has a balance function and can be connected to a battery at the field and can be used at home

Fusion Ethos LX41B Pro

Battery for Charger

The battery needs to be able to recharge all Li-Po’s used during the flying session

12v Lead acid battery minimum (needs charger)


Not all motors, ESC and batteries come ready fitted with connectors. Depending on motor size and battery will depend on the connectors used please ask shop for help in this matter

Deans, EC3 or 5, Gold corally, Double bullet, XT 60 are just some connectors

When soldering any connectors make sure that these are done correctly and will not pull apart and the heat shrink is correctly placed if used

MISC Items

Li-Po battery bag recommended electric only

Fuel Stopper I.C only

Thread Lock

Epoxy Glue 5minute and 30 minute

Cyano Glue medium

Transmitter Case

4.8/6v Battery checker for receiver battery I.C only

Li-Po battery checker electric only

Watt meter electric only

Double sided foam tape for RX

Tie wraps

Velcro straps for Li-Po battery

Foam padding

Webs Sites



Shops  for fuel


Bring to the field for flying


Wing bands (if used)

Fuel and means to transfer fuel to plane i.c

Li-Po batteries electric only

Flight box with tools

Starting equipment starter, glow starter

Spare glow plug i.c

Spare propeller

Charger electric only

Battery for charger electric


(This is only a guide to help you get started please seek help from a model shop for more information and manufactory recommendations)



Boston Model Aero Club does not accept any responsibility for any products bought or recommended from this list Beware when buying from EBay as clone items are around

Products can change or be discontinued without warning

Any electronic item that is not EU stamped will not be able to be used on BMAC field

28 Mar 2015

Boston Model Aero Club Clothing

Dear all members Terry Brown has been out and looked at Club clothing.

He is delighted to inform the  club that  clothing is now available to order. This will be done in two ways , You can let myself  or  Terry know Then in the club house an order form will be displayed so you can write down any items you wish.

Clothing available: SWEAT SHIRT  £14

                            POLO SHIRT    £12.50

                            BASEBALL CAP  £9.95

                            Fleece             £22.50

                            Hoodie            TBC


All clothing will be in Navy Blue and will be available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large

Baseball Cap in one size only

Club has purchased some clothes in different sizes so you can try on please be careful as these will be sold.


To recap on how to order:

Member            Item                  Size      Quantity                  Price                         Total            

Rob Dunn    sweat shirt                XL           1                        £12.50   

                  Polo Shirt                  XL           2                        £19.90

                  Baseball cap                             1                       £10.00                       £42.40

Picture of the clothing are in the gallery under the head clothes.




08 Nov 2014

Syd Marshall R.I.P

It is with sadness that out Founder Syd Marshal land President  has passed away on 11/12/2017 age 93

Tributes have poured in for Syd Marshall





22 September 2014

News articles by date


During the Second World War the Derwent Dam was used by pilots of 617 Squadron for practising the low-level flights needed for Operation Chastise (commonly known as the Dambusters raids), due to its similarity to the German dams.

The Royal Air Force’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (RAF BBMF) worked together with Severn Trent Water because, this Sunday, the last two flying Lancasters flew over the Derwent Dam for the first time in over 50 years. This was a very historic flypast, in a commemorative tribute to the Dambusters and all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Lancs over dam

RAF BBMF based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire has hosted a very special guest during August and September 2014 as the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) flew their prized Avro Lancaster to the UK for a visit.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum President and CEO, Sqn Ldr (Ret.) David G. Rohrer C.D. who is a current Lancaster pilot, stated that this flypast is a "Once in a Lanc Time" event as it will not happen again. It is also an opportunity for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to fly together as tribute to all those who served in the time of need, in Canada, Britain, and the entire Commonwealth.

Leon Evans, Chief Pilot at the CWHM flew the sortie on Sunday and said “We arrived at Coningsby on August 8th with less than perfect weather, to be greeted by our hosts the BBMF and thousands who, like us, believed weather was not going to dampen our arrival. As we prepare for our final displays and the historic flyover Derwent Dam, we will have heavy hearts as we depart on Tuesday leaving our dear friends at RAF BBMF and adoring spectators.”

Officer Commanding the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Sqn Ldr Dunc Mason said “It has been a milestone in BBMF’s history to fly with VERA in the UK. To carry out a flypast over the Derwent Dam will be a fitting finale before the Canadians make their long trip home next week. Used to train for the famous Dambusters Raid by 617 Squadron in 1943, the dam is part of our nation’s history. To carry out this flypast on Sunday will be a significant part of the RAF’s and the BBMF’s heritage”

Syd Marshall

Thanks to the CWHM team, there was a very special passenger on board VERA as it passed over Derwent Dam. Syd Marshall, a veteran based in Boston, aged 90, is currently one of the volunteer guides at the RAF BBMF Visitors Centre, carrying out guided tours for the members of the public visiting the flight. However, during World War II, Sergeant Syd Marshall was a Flight Engineer on Lancasters, on 103 Squadron based at Elsham Wolds and he and his crew carried out 36 operational missions. He flew with a Canadian Captain, Flt Lt Lou Morgan, throughout his tour and they were reunited in 2009 when he flew in the Dakota with Lou as the RAF BBMF Lancaster flew alongside. Sadly, Lou passed away several weeks later, but left Syd his cap – Syd flew in VERA wearing that cap, in memory of his dear friend and colleagues who made the ultimate sacrifice – Lest We Forget.

Sid said “When I received the telephone call asking me if I wanted a flight in the Canadian Lanc, I was completely amazed. I never thought I would have the opportunity to fly in a Lancaster again, to fly in a Canadian one with a Canadian crew is just a dream come true.”

Flt Engs

Syd is pictured here with the Flight Engineers from each aircraft - left to right - Flt Lt Nigel Painter, RAF BBMF Flt Engineer, Syd Marshall, Randy Straughan, Canadian Flt Engineer.

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