Noise tests

We monitor noise emissions from models to test they fall within BMFA guidelines of 82dBA @ 7m, and some results are listed here for guidance. Naturally some fail and they may not fly at a noise sensitive site until brought within these limits. A pass certificate is issued and a model MAY NOT be flown at the Rushwick site without it. It is the pilot's responsibility to arrange that test with the clubs noise meter and a committee member. No exceptions.

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ModelMotorSilencerPropPropSizeNoise Level (db)Pass
Junior 600s 40 4stroke       Passed
Wot trainer0s 52 4stroke       Passed
Piper Pawnee0s fl70       Passed
High Wing Trainernitro       Passed
Phantomnitro       Passed
Maulepetrol       Passed
Ready 2nitro       Passed
Cessnanitro       Passed
Funflynitro       Passed
Acro Wot xlpetrol       Passed
Giant You Can Do 3DDLA 32cc       Passed

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